Z-Wave B2B Website Design

SEMbyotic helped make it easier than ever to be an IoT developer.

Z-Wave B2B Website Design

Fresh. Functional. Responsive.

When companies look to build the next generation of connected devices, chances are they’ll turn to Z-Wave. Z-Wave empowers the cutting-edge world of the smart home IoT, but the developer’s website wasn’t feeling so fresh. They turned to SEMbyotic to simplify their story and refresh the site design. We rose to the occasion, delivering a responsive B2B website design that’s streamlined, simpler to read, and easier to navigate.

Responsive B2B Website Design

Z-Wave needed a responsive B2B website to tell a story about their platform to the smart home IoT developer community. Here’s how we helped:

Here's how we helped:

Responsive Web Design

The website works fluidly across mobile, tablets, and desktops.

Content Organization

Z-Wave is easy to use. Now their website is too.


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