2018 Awards Envelope Reveals "And the winner is..."

SEMbyotic’s 2018 Summed Up, Oscar-Style


Unless you’re a film buff, you might not be aware that it’s awards season. Or maybe you are, but in the midst of the holiday hoopla, you never got to look that far ahead. That’s OK, because ’tis the season to look back, and at SEMbyotic, we enjoy contemplating the best performances of 2018. In fact, we’ve been busy contemplating some of our own!

Yes, a lot happened at SEMbyotic in 2018, not the least of which was adding several full-service digital marketing customers and consulting them on pay-per-click advertising (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO) and social media advertising.

If you’re not sure what SEMbyotic might be able to do for your bottom line, we thought it might be helpful to see all we’ve achieved for other businesses like yours. So we invite you to make like a movie mogul and pour yourself a glass of bubbly and indulge our Oscar metaphor long enough to look back on some of our best performances of 2018:

SEMbyotic has completely transformed our Google Ads/retargeting campaigns,” said a Senior Director at an enterprise whose core business focus is in-memory data grids. “Working with them on both strategy and execution has resulted in the best results our company has seen from these digital marketing efforts.”

V-Silicon Website Home Page
SEMbyotic completed a quick website design and development project for V-Silicon.

Other website projects in 2018 included an evolutionary redesign of the global lighting solutions company Lumileds, website work for the semiconductor company Ambarella, Web development and updates for the lighting firm Xicato and landing page design for several full-service digital marketing customers.

When it comes to mobile app development, we believe in total performance. After all, what good is a shiny new app if it’s not built out to integrate the client’s web content management system? SEMbyotic believes in building apps thoroughly from the start because integration saves time for marketing managers. Who wouldn’t want to update content in only one location in order to disseminate it to both the app and the Web?

We’re happy to report that in 2018, we completed the redevelopment of the Lumileds mobile app, which is receiving excellent reviews on iTunes. Now Lumileds marketing managers can update certain information within their web content management platform and those changes are automatically pushed to the app. No more need for duplicate effort!

We’ve also completed some updates and maintenance, and have more app development on the horizon for 2019.

mobile app development
SEMbyotic worked with Lumileds to redesign and redevelop their mobile app, now available in iTunes and Google Play.

Lifetime Achievement Award: Search Engine Optimization and Digital Strategy

A common attribute of nearly all of our customers — and typical of many Silicon Valley-style B2B tech firms — is long, complex sales cycles. The SEMbyotic team is tireless about identifying user personas across the spectrum to craft campaigns that speak to the specific needs and wants of those personas.

As SEMbyotic President Adam Koontz attests, a company’s entire website and marketing activities are typically on display during the decision-making process.

“Business decision-makers want to see the value your offerings bring to their business, technical evaluators want assurance your offering will do the job and fit within their technology stack, and financial decision-makers want to understand your viability before any long-term commitments are signed,” he said.

Whether our clients are in enterprise software, security, semiconductor or manufacturing, this 10,000-foot view of the marketing landscape is often very similar. The challenge is understanding the details of the client’s market and technology. We’re pretty good at that.

SEO is one of our star performers at SEMbyotic. We gave SEO a Lifetime Achievement Award because we know how integral SEO is to a digital marketing strategy, and if you do it right, it can be the most effective tool for the lifetime of your organization.

2018 was a milestone year for every one of our SEO customers: Not only did these firms achieve sustained organic search growth, but every one of our SEO customers reached the most organic search traffic in their respective company histories!

What was it that spelled the difference for each of these customers? Fancy bells and whistles? Cookie-cutter search terms that work across the board? Not at all. The factor that helped these customers most happens to be the one thing you can do for your business that will undoubtedly increase your search traffic — shifting your mindset from stocking up on keywords to being a better provider of meaningful content on the Web.

More than anything, meaningful content is what leads to conversions. You publish content that adds value, your site visitors take notice, and soon they become sales leads.

Let’s take the example of one SEMbyotic customer in particular who made huge gains by implementing our recommendation to create a technical glossary on their website to explain vocabulary that’s important to their industry. Think of that company’s competitors who may never have thought of this. Who do you think marketing managers in that industry will appreciate more, and eventually do business with? Why, those who make complex concepts easy to understand, of course!

After implementing this strategy, our customer saw and continues to see, extraordinary growth in organic search traffic (see the chart below). In fact, we’re happy to report that organic sessions are up by more than 42 percent from where they started at the beginning of the year! This spectacular performance is enough to make us shout, “Bravo!”

Glossary Organic Performance
Organic growth to a SEMbyotic client’s online glossary in 2018.

Best Story: Content Strategy and Development

Makeup artists worth their salt will advise you to always play up your best features. What some SEMbyotic clients might not know is that content development is another area we can offer exceptional value.

For the medical technology company HeartFlow, we recommended maximizing the site’s reach by adding press releases as HTML on the website, instead of hosting them elsewhere. Our strategy also included embedding videos on the website — complete with transcription, in order to optimize the videos for SEO — and recommending they add comparisons of their non-invasive diagnostic solution vs. more traditional methods of testing for cardiovascular disease.

And just as we noted in our Lifetime Achievement category, the glossary of terms that we recommended for one of our secure DNS clients was content development at its best, driving their organic search results up by 42 percent! The glossary content is the #1 contributor to the company’s non-branded organic site traffic, adding over 100K visits to the site that didn’t exist the previous year. Next step, conversion rate optimization (CRO) to turn more of those visitors into leads.

Best Debut Performance: Julee Klein, VP of Client Services

Julee Klein.2018 was also the year we brought on Julee Klein as our VP of Client Services. Julee’s background in business development and strategic planning brings added depth to the SEMbyotic team. We are thrilled to have Julee’s expertise and collaboration on all aspects of project management and execution.

And the Winner Is … Girls Who Code

It’s because of clients like you that 2018 was such a banner year. We enjoy sharing the abundance of the season, so we’ve made a contribution to a cause we believe in: Girls Who Code.

While tech jobs are among the fastest-growing in the country, girls are being left behind. Girls Who Code is working to close the gender gap in the computer science and tech industries and SEMbyotic is thrilled to have partnered with this national organization.

Paying it Forward to Girls Who Code
SEMbyotic is proud to partner with Girls Who Code to bring gender parity to computer science and tech industries.

Learn more about Girls Who Code and join the movement!

Yes, the milestones SEMbyotic has reached in the past 12 months by our team and our clients are true win-wins. Though we couldn’t list every achievement in this blog post, just know that we celebrate each one of our customers’ successes, and we’re grateful for all of you.

We wish you and yours a Happy New Year and we’re looking forward to all that 2019 has in store